Spiral Bevel Gear

Special spiral bevel gear for high-speed trains

Bevel gear for mining cone crusher

Reducer bevel gear for vertical mills

Reducer bevel gear

Non-orthogonal high speed speed increaser gear

Non-orthogonal speed increaser gear

Fan Q1 bevel gear

High speed speed increaser gear

Spiral bevel gear drives for High-Torque and High-Speed Applications. Because spiral bevel gears have a greater tooth area, they can deliver more torque output than other gears of the same size. Spiral bevel gears, as a result, can move faster than other gears, producing greater output in less time.


Why Choose Our Spiral Bevel Gears?

Smaller footprint (volume)

The higher power density of spiral bevel gears means that gearboxes using spiral bevel gears can be designed to be smaller than gearboxes that do not use spiral bevel gears. The result is less weight, less space and lower total cost of ownership.

Minimal vibration

The tooth profile of spiral bevel gears allows the gears to mesh gradually and more smoothly than some alternatives. As a result, arc-bevel gear sets produce less vibration than other right-angle bevel gear sets with the same ratings and similar tooth profiles.

Less Heat

The greatest source of power loss (efficiency) in spiral bevel gear sets is the heat generated by the interaction of the teeth. Lower relative heat reduces the need for lubricant cooling and improves lubricant life.

Higher torque

For the same pitch circle diameter, spiral bevel gears have a larger contact surface area than straight or cylindrical bevel gears. This larger contact area means that more power can be transmitted without exceeding the allowable stresses in the alloy steel.

Longer service life

By distributing the load over a larger area, spiral bevel gears result in relatively lower contact stresses on the gear teeth and lower bending moments at the root of the gear teeth. As a result, spiral bevel gears have a longer design life (pitting and bending).

Higher speeds

Higher quality spiral bevel gears can operate at relatively high speeds.

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